Conscious Cities Festival Snippet

To Shape and Be Shaped

What we make makes us, too.
What we shape shapes us, too.
So, the question, my friend, I pose to you,
Is how the city you live in lives in you…
And how, as you draft your intent and craft its manifest,
Will you shape our image in this world
And not the world in our image.

Extracted from a script co-written by Itai Palti and Upali Nanda of the Conscious Cities Festival 2020

I recently found myself catching up on the 2020 Conscious Cities Festival. The opening video celebrated this year’s theme: To Shape and Be Shaped. While mesmerized by the choreography of dancers performing against the backdrop of city scenes, I was struck by the words above.

I have long argued that we not only shape our surroundings, but we are shaped BY them. Further, I strongly believe that we have a responsibility to protect the delicate balance of this relationship through our conscious interactions with the spaces we occupy.

If you’re not familiar with the Centre for Conscious Design, this international think-tank addresses complex social challenges and advocates for “Science-Informed Design in order to create a healthier, more inclusive, and democratic built environment.” The thought-leaders involved in this group are impressive. I encourage you to explore more!

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